Chapman Immigration Law Group Fargo – For Employers And Business

Many individuals who have helped make the United States a great country were not born here. Henry Kissinger, Albert Einstein, Justice Felix Frankfurter and many others were born in other countries. Many of the current leaders of business and government such as Arnold Schwarzenegger are originally from other countries, but they shared the same dream and drive to come to the United States. The contributions of multitudes of immigrants continue to make this a great country.

In today’s economy there are many employers and businesses that want to gain the services of foreign nationals. For some the need is a temporary one for a specific project or a definitive time period. For others the need is a permanent one.

Immigration law has been called one of the most complex areas of U.S. law. CILG has risen to the challenge and enthusiastically works with employers and business to adopt strategies that meet their needs in plotting the best course through the otherwise stormy waters of immigration law.

In many cases the immigration process may involve alteration of the foreign national’s status in the United States and CILG is here to help you with that process. If alteration of status in the United States is either not desirable or not possible, CILG stands ready to assist with visa processing through a United States Embassy or Consulate.

Aside from assisting with the hiring of a foreign worker, CILG also stands ready to assist employers in meeting their responsibilities under the law to verify that all employees are legally permitted to work in the United States.