The Great Alone PDF Download

The Great Alone PDF Download

By: Kristin Hannah
Genre: Fiction & Literature, Family
Relase Date: 2018-02-06


So well written. The author has such a way with descriptions. Similar to Nightingale I was drawn into the rich characters and writing. Despite the sadness a gripping endearing novel.

Cmh bearby

I really loved everything about this book, the characters, the story, the setting. I was happy with how everything turned out for Leno. It really kept my interest through the storyline.


One of the all time best books I’ve read, at times I didn’t want to read on, afraid of the words to come but no way to stop myself from turning the next page. The story grabs you immediately and intensely, gives you hope, fear laughter and love on every page.


Hannah writes with such vivid imagery. Her description of Alaska and the events made me feel like I was experiencing the hardships and triumphs in the novel. I could not put this book down.


A little dragged out in the end but overall a fantastic story.


What a well written and interesting book! I have been to Alaska but this gave me a whole new perspective. I highly encourage you to read this book! Lisa C.


Great read!


Could not take one more page of stupidity and abuse. Every time I thought something would change it just got worse.


Loved every page. She’s just a terrific writer. Highly recommend. Liked it as much as The Nightingale.


Great story. Learned about what it takes to be an Alaskan.


Couldn’t stop reading!


I ignored my husband and kids to finish this book. It’s so good.