Twisted Prey PDF Download

Twisted Prey PDF Download

By: John Sandford
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers,
Relase Date: 2018-04-24


Great ending but I did think he was playing her to kill the bad person. Liked it and look for more books soon.


Fantastic read from my favorite author. Feels so real that I couldn’t put it down. Read in one sitting. Thanks Mr. Sanford. Please keep them coming.


Excellent!! With Lucas’s new job, the plots are almost endless. Please hurry on the next one!

Jacqueline Winspear

Another great read! I was born in D.C. Lived near there for 9 years. Many of the locations in Arlington in the book were very familiar since I had a paper route there. We moved to a city in Wisconsin not far from Chippewa Falls, home of Leinenkugels beer "leinies". I have a poster on our family room wall of a bunch of guys drinking beer circa 1880. The title of the poster reads, "It takes a special beer to attract 2,500 men to a town with no women - Leinenkugels ". Lucas and Flowers have excellent taste.


Lucas never lets me down. Always a great story. I love that John Sanford brings back characters from other books like Bob & Rae. Love them, along w Virgil & other misc characters from along the way. Don’t hesitate John Sanford still has the juice to keep you reading & interested!! Read the book!


Unbelievably spellbinding throughout, Sanford has become a true master suspense novelist. I don’t wish to slight all the other books, but I sure loved this one!

SS in VA

This Sandford novel is different because it takes place primarily in DC. It is an interesting plot, with lots of beltway dimensions and complications. I really enjoyed it. And it is a pleasant change from Flowers stories.

Beijing G

One of the great storytellers outdoes himself with a great book! Really, really enjoyable!


An easy read that doesn’t insult your intelligence or require you to suspend your sense of believability. An actual page turner that you carry with you throughout the day because you can’t wait to see what happens next. John, avoid coauthors and continue writing for the love of the hunt.


Just like all his others excellent Now to wait for the next one. I have read them all.

Pancho Powell

John Sandford is back with another great addition to his Prey series and he’s at his nuanced best. Sandford correctly continues to grow and deepen his characters, none better than Lucas Davenport, showing the wisdom, cynicism, caring, and acceptance that comes with age and experience. We follow Davenport across the country on another manhunt, with many familiar and some new faces, but the foes are smarter and better trained and the outcome isn’t as simple as a result.


Expect to chalk this one up as your all time favorite Lucas Davenport book. Mr. Sanford has outdone even his own considerable talent.