DJ Chapman Law Firm in Fargo ND

D J Chapman Law in Fargo is a professional corporation founded by David J. Chapman and focusing its practice on immigration law, personal injury, professional malpractice and litigation, as well as the professional responsibility and ethics for attorneys. D J Chapman Law assists a wide range of clients in choosing and executing the best individualized legal strategy to fit their particular situation.

Americans pride themselves on their individuality, their freedom and their system of laws. We are a nation of laws and lawyers are a crucial part of that system. Individuals need an effective advisor and a champion of their interests. The firm seeks in each case to provide individualized, prompt and professional services to meet the needs of its clients.


Immigration Law: In immigration law, D J Chapman Law employs a wide range of legal components to provide businesses, employers and individuals with strategic solutions to their immigration needs. The firm covers a wide variety of immigration cases ranging from employer and self-sponsored cases to investor and family based cases. Immigration law is very complex and understanding the law is really a collegial effort with other lawyers nationally.

Personal Injury: The firm’s work in the area of personal injury seeks compensation for injuries suffered by individual clients in a wide variety of situations. Although financial compensation can never completely heal all injury it is our system’s best mode of compensation. The firm pursues all compensation to which the injured client is entitled.

Professional Malpractice:  Professionals are human.  They make mistakes.  Unfortunately, those mistakes can cause terrible suffering or stress to the client.  Whether you are harmed by malpractice from a health care provider, a lawyer, an accountant or another member of the professions, the firm will assist you in recovering compensation for your losses.

Professional Responsibility and Ethics: Although conventional wisdom is that the public views lawyers in a less than favorable light, no profession is more tightly self-regulated than the legal profession. Whether a lawyer has done nothing wrong, stumbled into an ethical problem they did not foresee or simply made bad decisions, the firm recognizes that lawyers are human and suffer great stress and pressures in any situation where their ethics and professionalism are questioned. This firm advocates in state* and federal* venues on behalf of lawyers who encounter problems with ethics and discipline. Ethics are not merely common sense. Many issues are complex and to that end, Mr. Chapman maintains memberships in the American Bar Association Center for Professional Responsibility and the Association of Professional Responsibility Lawyers.

*Note that Mr. Chapman does not intend to imply he represents any individual in a jurisdiction in which he is not licensed or otherwise permitted to practice.